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Plastic Bag Printing South Africa is a proud member of the Plastic Converters Association of South Africa (PCASA). Our small, owner-managed packaging business is small enough to offer customisable solutions to our clients, but big enough to matter. With three daily shifts running around the clock, we produce high volumes to service the entire South Africa.

Plastic Bag Manufacturers South Africa

Plastic Bag Printing South Africa uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality virgin plastic packaging products at affordable prices. Our range of products includes refuse bags, bread bags, ice bags, shopping bags, food-grade plastic bags, plastic sheeting and tubes in a variety of styles, densities, colours, and prints to suit our clients’ specific requirements.

WHY Plastic Bag Printing South Africa

With many years experience in plastic bags, sheeting, and tubing production, Plastic Bag Printing South Africa has perfected the art of designing and manufacturing high quality plastic products. Using modern factory equipment and a highly trained staff complement rotating shifts 24 hours a day, we are able to deliver high volumes of product at competitive prices.


With Plastic Bag Printing solutions you can no longer worry about the design of your product packaging anymore. We offer you the best service and prices for all your business packaging needs. We specialize in custom boxes, gift boxes, reusable shopping bags, canvas bags, paper bags, non-woven bags, labels and many other packaging products. Moreover, we can help you with graphic design for your packaging products and also banner design, bag design, box design, brochure design, catalog design, flyer design, packaging design, book design

Refuse Bags

Refuse bags are made from 90% of recycled and re processed polythene material. These bags are available in both Standard 25 micron and Heavy Duty 30 micron.

Carrier Bags

These Carrier bags are made from high density polyethelene, which gives the bag considerable strength.

Document Pouches

Self-adhesive Pacslopes or document pouches are available to protect documents attached to cargo while in transit.

Mini Grip Bags

These bags allow for easy closure and opening with the Self Seal Strip. These bags are made from food grade material and are suitable for use with food.

Skin Film

Skin film, otherwise knows as Skin Plastic is available in various sizes and thickness. This plastic shrinks around actual product and adheres to a backing card.

Mattress Bags

Mattress Bags are available to protect mattresses during transit or storage. The bags are made from clear polythene and are available for single, double and queen sized mattresses.

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Packaging Requirements

Innovative and effective solutions

Plastic Bag Printing has been in operation since 2002 and is one of Southern Africa’s largest Industrial Packaging suppliers. Branches are strategically positioned throughout South Africa to service both the local and export market. Our company offers innovative and effective solutions with respect to general packaging, as well as, customized technical turnkey projects relating to packing lines. Industries that we have introduced such expertise to, include those of the mobile and cellular phone market, logistics and freight forwarding concerns, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, supply chain networks and the mining sector.

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As a bulk and small plastic packaging supplier, we stock a wide range of quality plastic bags, plastic packaging and boxes bubblewrap, bulk plastic bags and other plastic related items. Here are some of the plastic bags, branded bags, catering and packaging items we carry in stock.

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Biodegradable plastic bags are created using biodegradable technologies, such as starch and cellulose. Oxo-biodegradable materials are created with an additive containing a transition metal catalyst. As a genre of d2w technology, there is controlled degradation of the polymer in the presence of oxygen created by the polymer, which is accelerated by light and heat. The controlled-life group of plastics will greatly reduce the plastic bag pollution, by biodegrading once the bags usefulness has been completed

Contact and Supply have been around for 55 years. Over time, we have continuously expanded our product offerings to include plastic bags, protective wear, and plastic injection moulding. We also supply a large range of paints and paint solvents. Cleaning chemicals, abrasives & tapes are also part of the extensive options at our shop in Springs. Let us help you focus on what you do best As with our service, we aim to continuously improve. In 2019 we launched our eCatalogue and eQuoting service along with a fresh look for our website.

Products we do

Our special facilities makes you happy

Contact n Supply stocks a large variety of clear, LDPE quality plastic bags. We supply bulk plastic bags and bulk packaging. From freezer plastic bags for domestic use to heavy-duty thick plastic micron bags for industrial packaging purposes. We stock and provide all types of plastic bags for domestic and industrial use.

If we do not have the bag needed by our customer, we can custom make bags. We can also print on custom and stock plastic bags. Our clear plastic bags are made from food-safe virgin quality materials and are manufactured to strict SABS regulation.

If a customer needs a cheaper alternative, and a food-grade or virgin bag is not necessary. We offer a cost-saving bag made from recycled plastic material, normally called smokey bags.

Products Available:
LDPE quality plastic bags
Plastic freezer bags
Heavy-duty thick bags
Customised bags

Due to the nature of manufacturing plastic bags, the exact quantities ordered are seldom produced. For that reason, all order quantities shipped are subject to some variation from the quantity ordered. All overruns manufactured will be invoiced. Our acknowledgement of your order will include the overrun quantity. Your invoice will show the exact quantity shipped. If a refund for an underrun is due, a check will be included with the invoice.
Small quantities (4,999 pieces or less) ship exact. All other printed bags are subject to an over or under run of 10% to 25%. This range is based on the product and its different variance as noted. The policy of over- and under runs is a commercially acceptable practice and exists industry-wide. If the exact quantity is an absolute necessity please let us know. It is generally available for an additional fee, depending on factory and item. Our Customer Service Representatives will be able to assist you with the cost.
Quantity tolerances
Please note: Quantity tolerances vary depending on bag size and quantity ordered. Tolerances of up to +/- 20% on plain bags & up to +/- 30% on printed bags must be accepted, +/- ¼” tolerance on hole locations, +/- ½” tolerance on die cut handle location. Print location may vary.
Size tolerances
Size may vary within acceptable industry tolerances of +/- ¼” on length and width. Seal top bags: width is measured from between the zipper crimps; length is measured from bottom of bag to bottom of zipper unless otherwise specified.
Thickness Tolerances
Mil thickness may vary +/- 10%. High-Density T-shirt and merchandise bags, as well as some low-density bags less than .001 mil will include suffocation-warning print.
Color Tolerances
Ink colors will be matched as closely as possible. The Opaque film may vary in color and opacity. If no film sample is supplied to to match, we will determine the color and opacity.
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