Chocolate Packaging

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Chocolate Packaging

Chocolate products are part of the confectionary group and are enjoyed by many all over the world and consumed daily.

Advantageous gain of product use

Chocolate associated products can be packaged in various ways to attract and retain consumers. Plastic Bag Printing produces chocolate packaging that caters for different brand preferences. Rigid ways to package chocolate is infrequently manufactured as the shapes and forms of chocolate are constantly changing and require a flexible packaging option. Reasons for adopting flexible packaging options include;

  • Chocolate goods are transported and stored with ease and more cost effectively
  • The product shelf life is elongated as foil layering ensures and maintains product freshness
  • The shapes and form of goods are protected throughout the distribution process
  • Creative packaging designs are used lure consumers to shelves and encourage sales
  • Nutritional related information can creatively and visibly be displayed on all chocolate packaging

Functional use of packaging

The market for chocolate related goods is so extensive that only highly attractive chocolate packaging will be recognized amongst your competitors, hence skilled graphic designers are required for mastering the creative task of packaging designs. Chocolate packaging is used not only to secure product transportation, but is used for marketing and identification purposes as well. We provide chocolate packaging that heightens customer attraction and convenience. The core purpose of chocolate packaging would be to package chocolate related goods , but are not limited to only packaging goods such as;

  • Chocolate beverages
  • Chocolate sweets or slabs
  • Different chocolate baking ingredients
  • Chocolate truffles

Identification of package

Chocolate is a confectionery produced mainly for the consumption of younger children but enjoyed by many, hence the packaging should be appealing to various target markets. Chocolate targeted consumers all have different reasons for consuming chocolates and therefore chocolate packaging material and designs should cater for each preference. Plastic Bag Printing produces flexible packaging in different bags forms such as;

  • Gusset bags
  • Flat bottom bagsh
  • Three side sealed bags
  • Twist wrap with chocolate films

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