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Fish & Chips Boxes – Call 010 055 5907

Serve your restaurant’s fish and chips in style and leave a memorable imprint alongside your delicious takeaway food. Plastic Bag Printing South Africa provide personalized fish and chip boxes specific to your business, keeping your business name in memory of your restaurant’s diners. Fish and chips is a national treasure, therefore should always be treated with respect and packaged in a stylish, professional-looking box. The days of old newspapers for packaging are long gone, and your customers will always expect good-quality and good-looking packaging. We supply a great range of trays, boxes, bags and cutlery for fish and chip shops, and can ship our products in bulk across the South Africa.

As with all Plastic Bag Printing South Africa products, we can brand your fish and chip boxes and bags with your businesses logo. We can produce small to high volumes of boxes, the grease paper and bags, with all being bespoke to create the exact look and feel of your outlets. We would highly advise you to call a member of our knowledgeable sales team to discuss your requirements and send us a copy of your branding/logo. If you are also looking for new branding for your business, then you have come to the right place. Plastic Bag Printing South Africa can support you with this too. Having worked in the industry for years, and understand which types of logo’s work for specific companies and how to match a logo to a business. The way your food is presented is key and your customers also expect more. That is why we offer a full range of styles and quality to ensure your customer’s experience feels as good as the food you produce. Please contact us to place your order and we look forward to hearing from you.

Our Fish & Chip Specific Products Sizes Are As Follows:

1. – 305mm x 150mm x 50mm (ex. Large Rectangular)       2. – 250mm x 195mm x 50 (ex. Large Square)
3. – 305mm x 125mm x 50mm (Large Rectangular)             4. – 250mm x 170mm x 50mm (Large Square)
5. – 260mm x 125mm x 50mm (Medium 1)                           6. – 250mm – 170mm x 50mm (Open Tray)
7. – 235mm x 125mm x 50mm (Medium 2)                           8. – 140mm x 125mm x 65mm (Small)

Wedding Fish and Chip Boxes

At weddings, dining is a vital part of the entire day and event.  You can’t let your guests bring their own food, be starving all day, or just indulge in your wedding cake. For your wedding, you must plan when meals are to be eaten and what the meals are. At your wedding, the food that is prepared is entirely down to the couple getting married and the facilities at the venue of the wedding, however, it is likely that any good venue will cater to your needs. Food at weddings can virtually be anything, from fine dining to buffet snacks. Fish and chip shop food has also become increasingly more popular at weddings, as it is comfort food, that everybody can enjoy! If you are choosing to serve fish and chips at your wedding, have you considered personalized Fish and Chip boxes?

Personalized fish and chip boxes can have names of the newly married couple, graphics, colors, or whatever you wish to have printed on them. These are a fantastic way of making your wedding more memorable and impressing your guests. The leftover boxes can even then be used as souvenirs and memorabilia from the wedding. As they are also unique, it will make an impressive addition to your wedding. Plastic Bag Printing South Africa produce personalized fish and chip boxes for your wedding. If you require more information or wish to have personalized fish and chip boxes for your wedding, get in touch with our expert team today to arrange for your boxes to be produced

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