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Plastic Bag Printing & Packaging

Bulk Plastic & Bulk Packaging Supplier

Plastic Bag Printing supplies a variety of plastic bags to various factories and industries in South Africa as well as end-user companies that export into Europe and the United States.

All our plastic bags are supplied to the customer’s specific needs and requirements, and printed bags can be supplied up-to an 8-colour flexographic on both sides. 

The dimensions of our plastic bags are as follows:

  • Width: Ranges from 50mm (narrowest) – 3200mm (widest)
  • Length: Ranges from 100mm (shortest) – 10 000mm (longest)
  • Thickness: Ranges from 15micron – 300micron

Plastic Bag Printing can supply the following plastic bags:

  • Bailer bags
  • Chocka bags
  • Body bags
  • Car/Engine bags
  • Fruit and Veg bags
  • Meat bags
  • Pilchard bags/sheets
  • Polyprop bags
  • Polywoven bags
  • Printed bags
  • Printed shopper bags
  • Refuse bags (Clear/Color/Black)
  • Top sheets for covering pallets
  • Wheely bin bags (200l)
  • Wood bags

At Plastic Bag Printing, we are committed to doing our bit for the environment by partnering with suppliers that have in-house recycling departments and that make use of recyclable plastic as far as possible.

Satisfying Everyone’s Tastes & Dietary Requirements.

Plastic Bag Printing is an extruder of clear and coloured plastic tubing and specialised plastic rolls. Choose from our wide range of plastic rolls, or allow us to design and manufacture your plastic tubing to your unique requirements. Plastic tubing is manufactured to a high level of quality and used in storage and transit, where it provides a protective barrier against dust and moisture. It is also used in technical workshops and other facilities where sensitive parts are packaged for the retail market. This economical packaging method provides versatility in the sense that the required length of plastic tubing can be cut and sealed using staples, tape or heat. With even thickness, durability and weight, our plastic tubing is guaranteed to withstand bulges, creases and tears. Our plastic tubing is available in clear plastic for ease of identification or black if you wish to keep your goods confidential. We also offer a wide range of colours with or without printing. Available in a great many widths and lengths, our plastic tubing rolls can suit most items. Artefusion adheres to high service levels and rigorous quality control measures to ensure the best possible product for our valued clients. If you need custom plastic tubing designed, manufactured and printed, or wish to view our stock selection, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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