Polythene Plastic Bag Printing


Plastic bags, also known in the industry as Poly Bags or Polyethylene Bags, are used in many industries for all kinds of packaging, shipping, and storing applications. .  Common uses of poly bags include retail, food, and industrial packaging. These clear bags are also used for trash cans, drum, carton, and box liners. All of our poly bags are made from 100% virgin Polyethylene LDPE or HDPE resins unless otherwise noted. From small poly bags to large poly bags we have them all! Wholesale poly bags at guaranteed lowest prices! Our company takes pride in producing the plastic bag for daily use or customised as per your need. You can custom print your plastic bag here to meet your requirements


Polythene Plastic Bag Printing

Firstly, for packing gifts or items in a simple, or a little more elegant fashion. Plastic Bag Printing in South Africa prints quality paper bags to suit your preference. However, you have the choice to customize the design and make of the bag. A variety of options of colour, handle colour, size and material are available. Furthermore, the sizes range from pb1-pb6. Make your brand public when customers carry your paper bags around. The better the quality, the more chances your customers will reuse the bags.


A5, A4, A3


No Print, 1 Colour, 2 Colour, 3 Colour

Set Up

No Set Up, 1 Colour R4000, 2 Colours R8000, 3 Colours


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