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Plastic Card Printing

We manufacture high quality plastic cards in our own factory.

Boost your company’s image while ensuring you communicate effectively with your target audience!

You have a message to send, and we have a solution. In today’s media-saturated world, people are still looking for something tangible that speaks to them on a personal level. That’s why Documedia Group visually communicates your company’s message through print. Our print design rolls off the press and into the hands of your future clients, boosting your company’s overall image and leaving something truly impactful on your target audience.

Documedia isn’t just another place to get something printed. It’s where we offer a one of a kind service- yours. Our loyalty to your brand is at the heart of what makes Documedia Group the passionate company that we are. If you are looking to make true believers of potential clients and to turn your one-time customers into lifetime loyalists…

Let us make your next print communication into something that grabs attention, inspires action, and resonates with hearts and minds.

At Documedia, we can provide you with virtually any product or service imaginable to communicate with your prospects, clients, employees, stockholders and vendors.

Communicating visually through print to show a more personal investment in your clients and future customers just makes sense. Contact us with your business communication service needs today!


or Call Our Team on 073 625 5637

For all your plastic card requirements.

We are a South African manufacturer of plastic cards and supplier of high security photo ID card solutions.
We print approx 1.5 million cards per month.

We pride ourselves on our high levels of customer service and providing quality products at a good price.
However we will gladly BEAT any written quote so long as it’s for the same products, and has the same or similar terms.

For more help please send us an email or call our friendly sales staff.
Please note all prices shown online EXCLUDE VAT.

Our cards include:

Plain cards (usually white for printing in PVC card printers)
Gift cards
Loyalty cards
Membership cards
Plain and pre-printed RFID (wireless smart cards)
Drivers licence cards
Polycarbonate cards
Plastic Business cards

or Call Our Team on 073 625 5637

Some of our Core Values.

Enthusiasm: We enjoy what we do and like to please our customers by going the extra mile to anticipate and exceed their expectations. We function as a team with dedication, creativity and a healthy sense of humor. Speed: Recognizing that time is a critical component of our value proposition, we operate with a clear sense of urgency and purpose. Our focus is on speed with precision. Communication: We know where we fit in the value stream and over-communicate to make sure we are a seamless part of our customers’ value proposition. Ingenuity: We like a challenge. It’s how we take our business to the next level. It keeps us thinking about new ways to meet changing customer needs. We combine experience with imagination to understand and solve customer problems. Integrity: We conduct business with honesty and operate in good faith without exception. People: We are committed to maintaining a culture that enables people to grow personally and professionally.

We offer:

  • Value in a blend of high quality products at competitive prices and industry leading turn times.
  • Reliability in that we focus on long term relationships and carry a large stock range and quantity.
  • Service to make working with us easy.
  • Pro-active communication, fast delivery. Sales people who know the production process and are accessible.
  • Technology such as this website so you get the information you need quickly and accurately.

Pallet Wrap

Plastic Cards  Express has been manufacturing cards and providing card solutions in South Africa since 2002.
We are based in the picturesque and historical suburb of Sandton, East of Johannesburg.
As a company we strive to bringing our clients the best value proposition of plastic card based solutions.
Our factory is equipped with the latest high tech printing equipment from Germany. We are constantly investing in new equipment to bring our South African card manufacturing on par with global production giants.
Our employees are highly skilled and experienced in the art of plastic card printing, production and personalisation.
We have grown into a dynamic, flexible, fast and friendly customer focused company.  We still have our family business approach to our employee relationships and social responsibilities.
We offer a broad range of services and products covering most of the plastic card market and trust you will find what you are looking for, on our website.

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