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Custom Kraft Paper Bags

Every business should have for promotion purposes kraft paper bags. There are plenty reasons for this statement. First of all, paper bags can be easily customized for you upon request. If you want brown paper bags of white paper bags then you will get brown or white bags. Your bags come in the color and size you need. Secondly, paper bags are not just affordable, they are really AFFORDABLE! Paper bags come for a price that just slightly higher than a price for plastic bags. Needless, to say, that kraft paper bags are more attractive and environmentally friendly, right?

How to order kraft paper bags

Please explore the most popular styles for paper bags. We will send you prices upon to quotation request. You can also send us your artwork if you have one, or we can provide the design service for you. Moreover, you can visit our showroom in Johannesburg, and look at the bags samples to find the perfect kraft paper bag for your needs.

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Retail Packaging

In retail, your bag is an extension of marketing. A crisp, clean bag filled with purchased treasures reminds customers of their shopping experience. Whether you need packaging for clothing, merchandise, hardware, or groceries, we have an immense array of bags to fit your specific business need.

Pharmacy Bags

Filling prescriptions requires care to detail and discretion. Our pharmacy bags can be custom designed with information for your patients as well as contact information, to serve as an additional way to ensure your pharmacy clients are reassured and equipped with important information. We carry a wide variety of sizes and colors for hospital, lab, pharmacy, and dispensary use.

plastic bag printing 07 1024x576 - Contact Us
plastic bag printing 07 1024x576 - Contact Us

Food Service Bags

Whether it’s for a fine dining establishment, fast food, bakery, concession, or family restaurant, our food service bags fill a variety of needs. Our grease resistant papers are the optimal choice for packing pastries as well as burgers. Gourmet bags are perfect for candy, cookies, loose tea, or spices. Whether pinch bottom or stand alone, our bags come in a variety of sizes and colors to represent your unique business.

Our commitment is to be good stewards of the environment

One-case minimum

That means you can order one case of stock or custom-printed product. Helping you serve customers of all sizes and increasing your commissions by providing an opportunity to sell small customers a higher value product.

Plastic Bag Printing is a stocking manufacturer and is more than happy to drop-ship product directly to your customer

24-hour quote turnaround

Receiving quotes promptly allows you to serve your customers better

We provide solutions

Don’t see the size or color your customer needs? Just ask our friendly sales representatives and we will work to provide you with a custom solution

Printing capabilities

Including flexographic, post printing and hot stamping mean you can offer your customers more choices for high-quality product at low minimums

We make it EASY

We provide samples of all custom-printed jobs so you have them on file. Quarterly print history reports allow you to recommit prior-year sales and stay in-touch with your clients

Short lead times and on-time shipping

We pride ourselves on working with you to make sure your customer gets what they need, when they need it!

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